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Hair Mask for CURLY HAIR



Hair Mask for CURLY HAIR

Curly hair care, when done properly allows it to become more visible in soft-looking curls. It is convenient to dry hair than straight hair. Therefore, care should not be neglected. After bath excess water in the hair must be removed with a towel. The movement should not be hard to do with a towel.

Large and sparsely toothed comb should be used for the opening of the waves. Brush will use more separate from each other hair, causing hair to look fluffy and too big.

Recommendations for curly hair

1. Heat makes hair dryers effect. Therefore, the hair should be dried in a natural way.

2. If you need to use the hair dryer, you should dry your hair by setting the lowest level.
3. The use of flat irons can cause great stress to the hair. If you have to use it, you should use care products to protect your hair against heat.
4. If you prefer soft floors haircut, the flexibility of your wave is different. The top section of hair you nap too short.
5. If you do not want your hair to tight stop, curler, you should choose a bigger size.
6. You must create a certain floors at the ends of your hair.

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